If we want to invite a visitor to our offices, we may kindly ask for permission from our [HR Manager/ Security Officer/ Office Manager] first. We must also, inform our [reception/ gate/ front-office] of your visitor’s arrival. Visitors should sign in the registrar and show identification. They will receive passes and will be asked to return them to [reception/ gate/ front-office] once their visit is completed.

When we have office visitors, we also have responsibilities. We should:
Always tend to our visitors (especially when they are underage.) Keep your visitors away from areas where there are dangerous machines, chemicals, confidential records or sensitive equipment. Prevent our visitors from proselytizing our colleagues, gathering donations or requesting participation in activities while on our premises. Anyone who delivers orders, mail or packages for employees should remain at our building’s reception or gate. If we are expecting a delivery, [front office employees/ security guards] will notify them so they may collect it.