Solicitation is any form of requesting money, support or participation for products, groups, organizations or causes which are unrelated to our company (e.g. religious proselytism, asking for petition signatures.) Distribution means disseminating literature or material for commercial or political purposes.

We don’t allow solicitation and distribution by non-employees in our workplace. As an employee, you may solicit from your colleagues only when you want to:
Ask colleagues to help organize events for another employee (e.g. adoption/birth of a child, promotion, retiring.) Seek support for a cause, charity or fundraising event sponsored, funded, organized or authorized by our company. Invite colleagues to employee activities for an authorized non-business purpose (e.g. recreation, volunteering.) Ask colleagues to participate in employment-related activities or groups protected by law (e.g. trade unions.) In all cases, we ask that we do not disturb or distract colleagues from their work.