We want to provide practical advice to prevent careless use of social media in our workplace. We address two types of social media uses:

a) Using personal social media at work and representing our company through social media.

b) Using personal social media at work as we are permitted to access our personal accounts at work. But, we are expected to act responsibly, according to our policies and ensure that we stay productive.

Specifically, we are asked to :

  • Discipline yourself.
  • Avoid getting sidetracked by your social platforms.
  • Ensure others know that your personal account or statements don’t represent our company. For example, use a disclaimer such as “opinions are my own.”
  • Avoid sharing intellectual property (e.g trademarks) or confidential information. Ask your manager or PR first before you share company news that’s not officially announced.
  • Avoid any defamatory, offensive or derogatory content. You may violate our company’s anti-harassment policy if you direct such content towards colleagues, clients or partners. 
  • Representing our company through social media If we handle our social media accounts or speak on our company’s behalf, we expect you to protect our company’s image and reputation.

Specifically, we should :

  • Be respectful, polite and patient.
  • Avoid speaking on matters outside your field of expertise when possible.
  • Follow our confidentiality and data protection policies and observe laws governing copyrights, trademarks, plagiarism and fair use.
  • Coordinate with our [PR/Marketing department] when you’re about to share any major-impact content.
  • Avoid deleting or ignoring comments for no reason.
  • Correct or remove any misleading or false content as quickly as possible.