Beside our business ventures, in response to the call of Social Responsibility (CSR) and with the hope of bringing up educated mothers from the village girls and to contribute to the social well-being, we have established Quazi Abedin Welfare Trust being funded by Group QA. From the Trust fund, a girls high school has been founded in 2005 in Manikganj district named Kaniz Fatema Girls’ School. It is a non-profiting educational institution with about 1000 regular students. We provide them with proper education including all reading materials, uniforms etc. A group of dedicated well-trained teachers including an experienced Principal have been engaged there. All cost and expenditure, includingin-campus free accommodation for the teachers and support staff are borne by the Trust. After achieving praise worthy results in the national level exams of PSC, JSC, and SSC, the Government of Bangladesh has given necessary permission to elevate the school into an intermediate college which has opened the opportunity to enghten the lives of the village girls of the locality. Thus Kaniz Fatema Girls’ School has been transformed into Kaniz Fatema Girls’ School & College from 2016.
At Bhaluka, Mymensingh, we have built a mosque, which is also considered to be one of the large stand finest looking mosques in the district of Mymensingh. Similarly another mosque has been built at Nabagram, Manikganj, near to our school, with a view to fostering social fraternity.