Email is essential to our work. We should use our company email primarily for work, but we allow some uses of your company email for personal reasons which is related official use. We can use our corporate email for work-related purposes without limitations. For example, we can sign up for newsletters and online services that will help us in our job or professional growth. We can use email as long as we keep it safe, and avoid spamming and disclosing confidential information. We should not send emails to friends and family and download ebooks, guides and other safe content for personal use.

Our general expectations:

  • No matter how we use corporate email, we expect to avoid.
  • Signing up for illegal, unreliable, disreputable or suspect websites and services.
  • Sending unauthorized marketing content or emails.
  • Registering for a competitor’s services, unless authorized.
  • Sending insulting or discriminatory messages and content.
  • Spamming other people’s emails, including your coworkers.
  • In general, use strong passwords and be vigilant in catching emails that carry malware or phishing attempts. If you are not sure that an email you received is safe, ask our [Security Specialists.]