Auto Crop Care Limited plays an important role in the advancement of crop protection in Bangladesh. We have reputation almost every sphere throughout the country. We know the economy of Bangladesh depends on agriculture. Agricultural development is the key of the total growth of Bangladesh. That’s why, lifestyles of Bangladeshi directly or indirectly depend on agriculture. Bangladesh has already achieved incredible success in agriculture in the world. Auto Crop Care Limited is playing a very helpful role to increase agricultural production for Poverty alleviation. We are very proud partners in this development initiative of our country. Starting from planting seeds in the field until the house is harvested, we provide quality products in all respects. Preparation of agricultural land including transportation of goods we provide the below products for cultivation. They are as follows:

Land Cultivation: Tractor (Model No. JX75T, JX70T, JX55T, JX50T, JX45T, JX40T, JX3 T, Rotavator etc.

Sowing the seeds: Seeds sewing

Seedling: Transplanter, Seeds Planter

Seeds: Rice-Jamuna(QDR-3), KBP 1 (QDR-7), BR10, BR11, BR16, BR22, BR23, BINA7, BRRI28, BRRI29, BRRI47, BRRI49, BRRI50, BRRI51, BRRI52, BRRI58, BRRI63, BRRI72, BRRI74 & BRRI 81 Maize-Everest, Logan, Miracle, Elbrus, 987K, Dekalb 900M Gold Vegetables-Cauliflower, Cabbage, Okra, Tomato, Brinjal, Cucumber, Radish, Chili, Bottle Gourd, Pumpkin, Bitter Gourd, Spinach, Ridge Gourd, Sponge Gourd Potato-Diamond, Cardinal, Asterix, Granola
Other Seeds: Popcorn, Hybrid Grass, Watermelon, Coriander.

Insecticides: Asataf, Automida, Carbotaf, Darsban, Imitaf, Marshal, Nitro, Pytaf, Ralothrin, Reeva Regent, Success, Sunmectin, Sienna, Tafgor, Tracer, Tundra.

Fungicides: Autostin, Awal, Blitox, Contaf, Companion, Cabriotop, Fiesta, Indofil M 45, Kumulus, Metataf, Micra, Navara, Rovral, Trooper.

Herbicides: Affinity, Granite, Hammer, Livina, Neon, Panida, Prune,.

Miticide: Sunmectin

Bactericide: Bactaf

Plant Growth Regulator: Miraculan, Tauras

Micro Nutrients: Solubor, Librel Zinc

Harvester: PRO588i-G, PRO488, DC-70G, DC-70H

Agricultural development is the key to economic recovery in Bangladesh. Auto Crop Care Limited tries its best to the agro development of the whole country.